3 January 2017


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What is this?
It is a system of regulation of consumption of gas (heating) at home.

It is E.D.F (Electric corporation of France.) that launches the device, and it needed to illustrate the cover of the internal magazine.

The model of the Agency Publicorp was the following:


The scale ratio was not that of the Minimiams, and it was necessary to review the implementation and the number of items to place in the image.


See the final image HERE and publication HERE.

Agency Publicorp.

1 January 2017

Happy Chioggia!

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The Minimians wish you a “Big” year.
No A year in review, no plans, just keep us, you, your inner child, and continue to build our dreams.

About this image which is not particularly festive, we left the appearance of this beautiful vegetable is beet Chioggia, fashionable for some time. Maybe more decorative taste, we were fascinated by the regularity of these rings, which make think of a target.
There’s a target that actually looks like the cut of a chioggia beet, is the target of the Japanese archery (Kyudo), the Mato.


So we’ve created a character that does not exist in the German railroading, the Kyudoka.
As beets should be cut, the choice of a Samurai swordsman made sense us.


For once a diptych in horizontal, with a reading from right to left to stay in the Japanese spirit.


The Samurai is in the Gallery of the WEB SITE.

That your projects achieve their targets.

12 December 2016

Little shop for mouses.

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One or more sweet crazy we like, manufactures and poses of little shops in the streets of Malmö in Sweden.
These shops, carried out with talent and even lighting, are intended only for the mouse. (There is cheese on the menu of the restaurant, or a nut in store)
This or these artists sign: AnonyMouse, and it’s magical.



Already clients!

This wonderful initiative was found on the site BOREDPANDA

12 December 2016

Kobe Frantz be back

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The Kobe Frantz chocolatier offers us the privilege of producing new images for his communication.

For this we need to transform some figures to better to get closer to the subject.
Before and after.

But who is Kobe Frantz?
The answer here

To be continued…

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