Sugar cake.

Liévin (north of France)
29 March 2009

18:30, the room is invaded! Many people took their way to come here, even from Liège in Belgium. Children start to run from installation to installation.

A camera hidden in one of the train wagons films a vignette representing a cowboy dredging a “Cowgirl”, entitled: “but who will save the sheriff? ” A video projector projects the scene at the entrance of the gallery. The train looks like huge as it passes and darkened the image of its silhouette.
The tennis stadium hangs on against the assault of few curious kids who don’t hesitate a single second to climb on the staircase made for them with egg cases.
At the back of room, the two hundred bottles brought by Jimmy let insidiously smell the cellar, and nobody notices the biker of the police stuck on a bottle of Bordeaux.

It was a beautiful opening which rewarded our efforts to make this exposition attractive. Thanks to the cultural centre for the location of lighting and video equipment. Big thank you to Joel for his experience in all domains, to Maria for lighting, and Jimmy for his curiosity, his kindness and his engagement with artists and cultural policy that he develops with the youngs but also with whole of the Lievinoise community.