What is it?

Who has not dreamt of diving into a chocolate mousse, or skating on whipped cream!
Akiko and Pierre have created a miniature world of gourmandise, the Minimiam. Relive your childhood emotions and smell, taste the photographic adventures that come alive on your plate.

TGV mag solaire
TGV mag pile
TGV mag horse



Following an order in 2002, Akiko and Pierre develop a concept of using miniature train figurines to to illustrate stories of food.
The stories are usually in diptych format (two images). The first image shows a close up of the action of the figure, but the meaning is not explicit. The second image shows the general scene allowing the viewer to discover the meaning and to continue the adventure according to his or her own references.



who are?

Pierre Javelle was a bit of a dunce at school. He spent his childhood reading comic books which instilled in him a knack for telling stories in few images.
He found his place in art and finished school at the Decorative Arts School of Paris, where he also met Akiko.
Working some years as a technician in a photo lab in Paris, he was inspired and learned from the professional photographers he met.
He uses the Minimiam concept to illustrate articles in the press.

Akiko Ida is Japanese. Little, she created a miniature world through illustrations. Very gourmande, she started at a young age to photograph the results of her culinary experiences (with bread and pastries) as well as making fake food in miniature.
After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tokyo, she came to Paris to finish her studies at the School of Decorative Arts, and became a culinary photographer for magazines and cookbooks.