4 April 2018

Health Mag (FR)

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Liver crisis after the feast of Passover, no more banal.
Health Magazine surfing on the remorse of the reader to put the liver on green.

The model carried out by writing took up a very old picture made for the eating habits of Europeans who whose title was “one or two sugars”.

It was therefore necessary to remake a picture where the sugar was extracted and cleaned.

Publication is more tart than the original, but it does interfere in nothing the matter.

Publication Here.

23 March 2018

J-P Géné

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It is an image that was never published because the Chronicle that she should have illustrated is ever published, and for sad reason…
The image should point out an article about gastronomy and diplomacy of Jean-Paul Généraux, alias J-P Gene, who died here a year after an illness gave that he hung out for several years.

A man of taste and gourmet, whole and respected conviction, so that Guy Savoy, knowing that on his end, made him deliver at the Hospital of the dishes of exceptions to his last days.

Let you at leisure, for those who did not him, dive into the tribute of the world who announced his death.

Article of Le Monde dated March 3 2017

(Tribute to André Kertesz.)

1 December 2017

Christmas shopping

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Order of the Parisian magazine to give a playful air to traditional Christmas shopping.

Demo photo for the placement of objects.

As usual to do the achievement fairly quickly with this time constraint of the object.
Tell a story is one thing, but also put the value object is another.

The figures become more discreet, giving objects a real landscape.
Thanks to Delphine, Airy and Mathieu for having supported me during shooting.

the publication here.

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