1 April 2019

Schubert trout

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Franz Schubert, composer Austrian, not to be confused with Joseph Schubert, German counterpart, had composed this Quintet in a major, D. 667 “The trout” at the age of 22.
It’s the only quintet with piano it has written. Trout as pointed me a friend was living normally in music history, but I confess that fresh trout was quite difficult to implement, so alive, I can’t imagine.

The idea is obvious, a character on a trout, and this idea was hanging in the boxes for almost 10 years, day where I found a beautiful miniature piano in a Tokyo store.

Picture HERE

27 September 2018

Ultra Local

Categories / Le Monde Magazine.

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Illustration for the world on a topic of consumption of proximity in urban areas, and specifically in Paris.
Yes Paris is not only of the asphalt, exhaust smoke and people who complain, it’s also Brewers, mushroom, some winemakers, beekeepers, etc.

Always do in a stretched deadlines, the idea that is carried on the product (magnified) perched above on Eiffel Towers (and Yes Paris is also a tourist capital!)

Subject of Camille Labro.

8 July 2018

French sentences around the world

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Order for the magazine La Croix.
The challenge is to illustrate widely used French expressions in the world. The countries concerned are the Algeria, Louisiana, Senegal and the Belgium. In each image hide multiple expressions and it was quite surreal to cohabit.

Complete publications ICI
The images in the Gallery looking for La Croix

26 June 2018

Le Village

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A long time ago that had not worked for this magazine, and what a pleasure to find a drafting reactive with clear ideas.

The job was to illustrate a central book in the magazine whose theme is the village, with different axes to make it attractive.
In this first book, he is the idea of the place of life and meeting around the book, and that’s where I have decide to run other themes outlined in the article.

After we have to get a model home and a spray paint for houses.

Two other upcoming releases.

Publication here