31 January 2020

Big Risks

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L’argus de l’Assurance (The insurance argus) asked me for an exercise I wasn’t used to doing: Making an image based on an existing one.

The original image is quite spectacular by the size of the painting and the formulas inscribed on it, which hint at the scientific dimension of the research.

J. R. Eyerman/The LIFE Picture Collection

An old-fashioned atmosphere away from computers, white shirts and chalk, it smells strongly of the 50s.

The argus needed an illustration showing the headache of insurance companies that must constantly renew their offers or prevent future risks, as what, ecology does not only affect nature lovers …
The editorial wanted gender parity unlike the original.

Here we go. Photo without net and urgent.

Publication HERE

4 September 2019

Super Dickmann’s

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Once is not custom among minimiams: Sex!!

Will this image be censored on social media?
what’s got into you?

Well it’s a discovery in a German supermarket. The name of this chocolate bite surprised me a little in the middle of the children’s food department. Without having a twisted mind, I immediately visualized what Super Dick might look like if he was humanoid.
In addition, a few years ago I had discovered in an Alsatian walker bites of the same appearance, but did not name me had ‘a href'”https://minimiam.com/en/le-marche-de-noel/” rel ‘noopener noreferrer” target ”blank’ ”not really inspired

Gustatively it’s unfortunately quite disappointing. The chocolate cover and poor quality, and marshmallow is only a pro-tooth decay glucose emulsion. Only the biscuit, which gives the whole an interesting chew saves a little pleasure. nevertheless it remains very pleasant to chew, just for the feeling, and this is perhaps the origin of the name because it is a little orgasmic …

the diptych is to be seen in the gallery

1 April 2019

Schubert trout

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Franz Schubert, composer Austrian, not to be confused with Joseph Schubert, German counterpart, had composed this Quintet in a major, D. 667 “The trout” at the age of 22.
It’s the only quintet with piano it has written. Trout as pointed me a friend was living normally in music history, but I confess that fresh trout was quite difficult to implement, so alive, I can’t imagine.

The idea is obvious, a character on a trout, and this idea was hanging in the boxes for almost 10 years, day where I found a beautiful miniature piano in a Tokyo store.

Picture HERE