12 December 2016

Little shop for mouses.

Categories / Artists.

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One or more sweet crazy we like, manufactures and poses of little shops in the streets of Malmö in Sweden.
These shops, carried out with talent and even lighting, are intended only for the mouse. (There is cheese on the menu of the restaurant, or a nut in store)
This or these artists sign: AnonyMouse, and it’s magical.



Already clients!

This wonderful initiative was found on the site BOREDPANDA

12 December 2016

Kobe Frantz be back

Categories / Making of.

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The Kobe Frantz chocolatier offers us the privilege of producing new images for his communication.

For this we need to transform some figures to better to get closer to the subject.
Before and after.

But who is Kobe Frantz?
The answer here

To be continued…

8 December 2016

Pata Negra

Categories / General and Publication.

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Giraudet, the King of the quenelle had asked the year last to produce a picture for the pea soup and Patta Negra ham.

The light work focused on the black pigs, which unfortunately is on a background… black.

Thanks to the graphic team of Giraudet who has complied the best final image then a press announcement.