27 April 2016


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How to tear it down, the Front National? (extreme right political party)
Here is the last illustration commissioned by L’EXPRESS magazine.

croquis préparatoire

Preparatory sketches


Concrete letters are fortunately very light, like some political programs, but they do their job well.

démolition du FN.

Cover of L’Express 27 april 2016.


2 April 2016


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“Cyclists are not more transfusions, more injection, but swallowed pills!”

Here it briefe received during my visit to the drafting of the world.

Everything is decided around an exchange of idea quickly (very quickly) drawn on a page from my notebook.

croquis-2-ballon blog


Indeed is not very clear, but when the visit it was clear!


See the other image in Publication

26 November 2015

Water on Mars!

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Yes, have reportedly found! After more than half a century of speculation, that it’s proven! Miracle.

For my part I couldn’t believe… more, but for several years, I had put a folder of idea, one of those images that made me much laughter. Hey yes I love the schoolboy humour…


But we must admit that it was a very good idea for the minimiams.

It was necessary to change some parts on the module so that it can make to long travel, and then finally, the idea was reached.



The chocolate bar is to consume in moderation, because if you abuse, you get more to tear the Earth’s gravity of your seat and you’ll be soon subject to the evil of stomach space.