19 October 2015

Fly pig

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How to illustrate a topic on the défiscalisations offering to investors? …

le-particulier-cover 500

This is a challenge than my given Le Particulier magazine. (It should do a contest with Le Monde?)

So, take several tax exemption product ideas, and then you mix all in a blinder. Then,…

hope you that it takes standing because everything should be reflected in a single image!


Thanks to Fredo Laphoto of lent me a pig from his collection.


Le Particulier

16 October 2015

Very fast food

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Always in gust of wind, Le Monde is engoufre in my planning, to illustrate a small topic about gastronomic events in the TGV and these stations.



24 September 2015

Sumo burger

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What is the sport where the burger could be a key food to gain performance?

The Hamburger of course! I don’t know if this preparation is popular with Japanese wrestlers, but it’s already in New York the name of a hamburger with 500 grams of meat.

Image HERE

11 September 2015

Phototech, newspaper photo.

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Like many photographers… I read rarely magazines photo (I’m shame…)
I therefore view it, which is against the odds well supplied and where the text and information well complement the work of the photographers.

A summary of enticing, and an interview about our work.


10 September 2015

(Fr) L’Obs.

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Coverage for l’Obs! Unexpected.(L’Obs is a french magazine, it’s an abbreviation of Observateur: Observer)


And more a subject to produce! That of happiness.

Sponsored emergency for a topic on the drug to work, it took I dope myself a little to simple ideas to come out different proposals in time.

obs studio
So thanks to l’Obs allowing still photographers produce images instead go see image banks.