19 October 2015

Fly pig

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How to illustrate a topic on the défiscalisations offering to investors? …

le-particulier-cover 500

This is a challenge than my given Le Particulier magazine. (It should do a contest with Le Monde?)

So, take several tax exemption product ideas, and then you mix all in a blinder. Then,…

hope you that it takes standing because everything should be reflected in a single image!


Thanks to Fredo Laphoto of lent me a pig from his collection.


Le Particulier

16 October 2015

Very fast food

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Always in gust of wind, Le Monde is engoufre in my planning, to illustrate a small topic about gastronomic events in the TGV and these stations.



11 September 2015

Phototech, newspaper photo.

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Like many photographers… I read rarely magazines photo (I’m shame…)
I therefore view it, which is against the odds well supplied and where the text and information well complement the work of the photographers.

A summary of enticing, and an interview about our work.


10 September 2015

(Fr) L’Obs.

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Coverage for l’Obs! Unexpected.(L’Obs is a french magazine, it’s an abbreviation of Observateur: Observer)


And more a subject to produce! That of happiness.

Sponsored emergency for a topic on the drug to work, it took I dope myself a little to simple ideas to come out different proposals in time.

obs studio
So thanks to l’Obs allowing still photographers produce images instead go see image banks.




28 November 2014


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Vous aimez les truffes (pas au chocolat)? La Marque Giraudet aussi! Giraudet c’est qui? C’est un fabriquant de quenelles!

Voilà plusieurs années que je réalise des visuels pour cette marque, bien loin de l’univers des Minimiam. Mais pour cette fois, ce fut une commande spéciale pour la série limitée des Echos spécial neige.

Le produit? Non ce n’est pas une quenelle, c’est une soupe: Topinambour truffe, un délice.