5 December 2022

Daruma pasta

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When our friend Akïo offered us to post an image in the city of Takasaki in Japan, we did not want to use an old image. True to our commitment to relevance to orders and products, we learned to our surprise that the city of Takasaki best known for the Daruma also had a specialty, exotic to say the least in Japan: Pasta! No, not oudon, soba and other Ramen, but wheat pasta in the Italian way. There’s even a festival!

Rich in information we left with three axes: Pasta, Daruma and Typhon, another Japanese specialty.
Nature the typhoon generating a beautiful tornado carrying everything, the spaghetti seemed to us perfectly to stick with the subject. Although he imagined replacing meatballs with Daruma, something was missing from the image.
The recipe is a Japanese adaptation of Neapolitan spaghetti.

This is where the flying saucer piloted by a gluttonous Daruma comes who by sucking the spaghetti causes a tornado!

The photo was made with real pasta and the shaping of the tornado required a lot of patience (See pictures and video HERE and THERE on Instagram)

Diptych HERE

The artists exhibited during the ART PROJECT TAKASAKI




(Instagram のこちらこちらのビデオをご覧ください)

2 December 2021

onions cry

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Procrastination is something that is not harmful in itself but can make you forget some ideas. And ideas in creation are the engine of the creative.
Since 2017 (May) I had forgotten this sketch at the bottom of my notebook.

Onions make you cry, so once is not custom, they are the ones who come to cry over the fate of their congeners excruciatingly cut in slices. Coming from far away, they put the shapes in it and brought mortuary wreaths.

A crying onion is really sad.

Diptych here

24 October 2021

Small is beautiful

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It has been a long time since a minimiam image was exhibited. It’s been done now for a few weeks at the Galerie Joseph in Paris.

Very nice place where you can admire other fabulous artists!

small is beautiful salle exposition


15 October 2021

Pump King

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To take up the idea of grape inflaters, a small pirouette with mini pumpkins that become gigantic.
The shooting took place under the lens of a TF1 camera just on the day of the opening of the exhibition Small is Beautiful for which the report was dedicated.

Doing an interview and a photo simultaneously warmed me up.

The diptych HERE