16 October 2015

Very fast food

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Always in gust of wind, Le Monde is engoufre in my planning, to illustrate a small topic about gastronomic events in the TGV and these stations.



11 September 2015

Phototech, newspaper photo.

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Like many photographers… I read rarely magazines photo (I’m shame…)
I therefore view it, which is against the odds well supplied and where the text and information well complement the work of the photographers.

A summary of enticing, and an interview about our work.


10 September 2015

(Fr) L’Obs.

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Coverage for l’Obs! Unexpected.(L’Obs is a french magazine, it’s an abbreviation of Observateur: Observer)


And more a subject to produce! That of happiness.

Sponsored emergency for a topic on the drug to work, it took I dope myself a little to simple ideas to come out different proposals in time.

obs studio
So thanks to l’Obs allowing still photographers produce images instead go see image banks.




11 March 2015

Shoganai, the sad anniversary.

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I remember this March 11, 2011. It was the moment which two Japan would meet and I was at the junction.


A Japan of front, enthusiastic and hardworking, and a Japan, shaken and resigned.

The nuclear power station of Fukushima Dai-ichi is submerged. The Japan closes. My family and I, 250 kilometres away, we look at a sky so blue, worried. Children no longer go to school, play more out…

Cherry go to flowers, but spring festivals will be cancelled.

Lenthousiasme was a party with flowing back of the tidal wave, and the work was too much even for the Japanese. To avoid losing face, it is sailing. Shoganai! (Too bad.)


Well realized images of the years before, on the theme of nuclear waste recycling for a french magazine.


Au départ, il faut surtout faire vite. Quand Laurence P., l’iconographe du Monde m’appelle, il n’y a plus beaucoup de temps avant la parution!
Souvent le journaliste est aussi en délai tendu, donc il n’y a pas d’article finalisé pour s’aider à développer le sujet.
“C’est une histoire au sujet des résidences secondaires…” m’explique-t-elle rapidement au téléphone, et donc cela tient en peu de chose, et il va falloir faire avec.

Alors pour commencer, je fais un dessin.

Puis après validation, commence la construction du décor (socle avec la maquette de la maison)

Puis enfin la mise en place finale et l’éclairage. La fumée est réalisée avec du coton hydrophile, toujours du meilleur effet.

Sur la photo finale, j’ai oublié de mettre un petit chien…zut, foutu délais!