1 February 2017

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Once is not custom, a production for a large distributor.
I thank the Australia Agency for its upstream work in order not to distort the concept of Minimiam

See the result (unfortunately very badly printed) in the section Publication.

The pictures HERE.

30 January 2017

The Big Pumpkin

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In 2012 I realized an image inspired to a film of the filmmaker Gérard Oury, who scored my generation: La grande Vadrouille.(La grande Vadrouille in french sounds like la grande Citrouille, “the big Pumpkin”)
I had remade an iconic scene from the movie, the one where the two “Heroes” launch pumpkins at the head of German soldiers in an unlikely pursuit.

But the joys of computing made the files disappeared forever in the binary recesses of an unhappy backup.

Only IMAGES in low definition remains in the maze of the net.

Almost desperate, furious, I’ve always wanted to do them again the pictures, but it is difficult to reproduce, even his own images. We lose a little of the magic of discovery, surprise.

Finally, take this pain away from me and to grieve, I am reborn this image.

Again thank you Mr. Oury, my childhood would not have been the same if I had not known you.



14 January 2017


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Activmag is a beautiful quality Savoyard magazine who made us the kindness to publish an interview and a portfolio of our work.

Although his announcement of the trash, no, the whole cover is wiser.

Thanks to the editorial team.

The publication HERE

3 January 2017


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What is this?
It is a system of regulation of consumption of gas (heating) at home.

It is E.D.F (Electric corporation of France.) that launches the device, and it needed to illustrate the cover of the internal magazine.

The model of the Agency Publicorp was the following:


The scale ratio was not that of the Minimiams, and it was necessary to review the implementation and the number of items to place in the image.


See the final image HERE and publication HERE.

Agency Publicorp.

1 January 2017

Happy Chioggia!

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The Minimians wish you a “Big” year.
No A year in review, no plans, just keep us, you, your inner child, and continue to build our dreams.

About this image which is not particularly festive, we left the appearance of this beautiful vegetable is beet Chioggia, fashionable for some time. Maybe more decorative taste, we were fascinated by the regularity of these rings, which make think of a target.
There’s a target that actually looks like the cut of a chioggia beet, is the target of the Japanese archery (Kyudo), the Mato.


So we’ve created a character that does not exist in the German railroading, the Kyudoka.
As beets should be cut, the choice of a Samurai swordsman made sense us.


For once a diptych in horizontal, with a reading from right to left to stay in the Japanese spirit.


The Samurai is in the Gallery of the WEB SITE.

That your projects achieve their targets.